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Parish Plan

The final draft of the Parish Plan will be considered for acceptance by the Parish Council at their meeting on 11th May. You can read it here. See also the Parish Plan page on this site to look back at the 2014 Plan and the subsequent consultation that has led to the 2022 Plan.

Analogue phone switch-off paused

BT has delayed the rollout of Digital Voice – their new home phone service that is delivered solely over the broadband network. They had planned to switch off the analogue network in December 2025. They now say that they “underestimated the disruptive impact the upgrade would have on some of our customers. With hindsight, we […]

Upper Deverills Wildlife and Conservation Group

Living in a place of great natural beauty, we are very fortunate to share the valley and the surrounding downs with a rich variety of flora and fauna, some of which are scarce elsewhere.  In January a number of folk got together to form the Upper Deverills Wildlife and Conservation Group.  Its purpose is to […]

Village Hall page

The Village Hall page on this site has been refreshed and updated with information and a list of events. See here or under the Village Hall tab on the main menu.


An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) has now been purchased with Parish Council funds. It will be positioned on the outside of the Village Hall, whose committee will take responsibility for it, and will be in place by the end of the month.

Waste collection days to change from 28 February

The household waste collection days for nearly all Wiltshire properties will change from Monday 28 February, as Wiltshire Council seeks to make the rounds more efficient. This change will only affect the general household waste collections – there is no change to recycling or garden waste collections, which will still take place on their usual […]