Upper Deverills Wildlife and Conservation Group


This otter was photographed at the British Wildlife Centre in Surrey but we have our own otters in the valley!



We live in a place of great natural beauty, and are very fortunate to share our valley and the surrounding downs with a rich variety of flora and fauna, some of which (such as Corn Buntings) are scarce elsewhere.  In January a number of us got together to form the Upper Deverills Wildlife and Conservation Group.  The purpose of the Group is to share our love of nature and take practical action to study, conserve and rebuild natural habitats and reverse the current frightening decline in species.

The Group is open to anybody who is interested – there is no formal membership.  We are embarking on projects, arranging talks in the Village Hall, and sharing our sightings and photographs.


Bird surveys

Our first project is a set of bird surveys devised by Peter Marsh to record sightings of three species of birds that we know to breed in the Parish: the Corn Bunting, the Skylark and the Yellowhammer






corn bunting 1

Corn bunting