Corona Virus


What you need to know – updated on 12th October.

The Parish Council has also set up a community self-help arrangement to help see us all through the crisis. We are likely to need to maintain this extra level of support to each other for the foreseeable future, because this is not going to be a short-term challenge.

The purpose of this initiative is to help each other – not just the most vulnerable – because we all may need some sort of help over the next few months, even if we are lucky enough not to fall ill. The closure of some businesses, the disruption to shopping and services together with the partial closure of schools to some year groups is presenting people with all sorts of new difficulties. This is already a notably friendly and neighbourly place to live and between us we have an amazing collection of skills, talents and contacts. There is lot that we can do help each other not just survive but thrive through this strange spring and summer that lies ahead of us.

The kind of help we are thinking about ranges from making a phone call to a neighbour to dispel the isolation blues, to shopping and collecting prescriptions on behalf of those who find themselves needing to be isolated at home.

At the village level the coordinators are:

Kingston – Ted Flint: , 844507

Brixton – David Croot: , 840944

Monkton – Bridget Beattie: , 844884

If you are worried, or need any help, please do contact one of these coordinators.

Please keep looking out for each other!

Useful information

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