Two o’clock on Saturday 20 August 2022

Upper Deverills Village Hall and the Cricket Ground

This year’s Summer Fete, Flower Show and Dog Show will take place at the Upper Deverills Village Hall and on the Cricket Pitch on Saturday 20th August, starting at two o’clock. The Show will include the usual classes, which are listed below.  You can also find this information and entry forms in the August Parish News. Please bring your entries along on the day between nine o’clock and eleven o’clock.  You can, alternatively, send in your entries to the photographic class by email to by six o’clock on Friday 19th August.

1 Vegetables & Fruit

1.1 Collection of vegetables
1.2 Salad selection (10” plate or smaller)
1.3 Largest vegetable
1.4 Soft fruit selection (10” plate or smaller)
1.5 Most amusing vegetable
1.6 Fruit and/or vegetable sculpture

2 Cookery (WI Cup)

2.1 Victoria sponge
2.2 Home made loaf
2.3 Show stopper bake (savoury or sweet)
2.4 Home made savoury preserve
2.5 Home made jam or marmalade
2.6 Six eggs: from chicken owners (one will be broken by the judges)
2.7 Home made alcohol
2.8 Home made cordial

3 Flowers 1

3.1 Specimen rose
3.2 Six sweet peas
3.3 Annual: six stems – one or more varieties
3.4 Perennials: six stems – one or more varieties
3.5 Flowering shrubs: three different sprigs
3.6 Tallest sunflower

4 Flowers 2

4.1 Foliage plant in a pot
4.2 Flowering pot plant (not a hanging basket)
4.3 Arrangement of wild flowers
4.4 Table arrangement
4.5 Flower arrangement in an unusual container

5 Arts and Crafts
(completed since August 2021)

5.1 Needlepoint or cross stitch piece
5.2 Best limerick
5.3 Any knitted item
5.4 Painting or drawing (any medium)

6 Photographs (you can enter online by emailing your entry to or bring a photograph along on the day.  All photographs will be judged on the day).

6.1 Photobomb
6.2 Wild or domestic animal
6.3 The seasons
6.4 Local landscape
6.5 Village life
6.6 Garden border
6.7 Container planting
6.8 Hanging basket
6.9 Re-enactment of a film or a work of art

7 Children aged 16 or under
(age will be taken into account)

7.1 Garden on a tray
7.2 Best photograph (any subject)
7.3 One-hundred word story
7.4 Best Lego construction
7.5 Something yummie!

The Village Hall Cup for Classes 1 to 4
The Liz Peters Cup for Classes 5 and 6
The Junior Shield