Parish Council Meetings

Meetings are normally held in Upper Deverills Village Hall, Kingston Deverill. However, because of the restrictions imposed as a consequence of the Coronavirus situation, meetings will be held online until further notice. The agenda is published a week in advance. It can be accessed on the agenda and minutes page and it is posted on village notice boards.

Online meetings take exactly the same format as a conventional meeting but will use the Zoom web-based conferencing platform. Meetings will be controlled by the Chair, as usual, with the Clerk assisting with the technology. On a computer screen the individual Councillors and the Clerk will be seen and heard. Visitors who have been asked to contribute will also be seen and heard. Members of the public may, as usual, be ‘present’ having also joined the meeting via the web application. They will not be able to be heard, except when the Chair allows Public Question Time prior to the start of meeting-proper for no longer than the customary three minutes.

Instructions for joining meetings via Zoom are given on the agenda and can also be obtained from the Clerk: ; 01985 844385.