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HGV weight limit campaign

A summary of the meeting held at the behest of Maiden Bradley Weight Watchers, together with Corsley and Chapmanslade Parish Councils, on 6 May is attached. Please note that, although omitted from the note, Cllr Richard Munro, the then Chair of Upper Deverills Parish Council, was also in attendance. When invited to do so by the meeting’s Chair, Dr Andrew Murrison MP, he described the concerns of Upper Deverills residents regarding HGV traffic on the B3095 vis-a-vis the TRO and offered an easy remedy which was welcomed by all: remove the weight limit on the B3089 between the traffic lights on the A350 and Willoughby Hedge and impose the TRO without delay. This statement was well received by the meeting.

Please contact the Parish Council for more news and further actions.