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Analogue phone switch-off paused

BT has delayed the rollout of Digital Voice – their new home phone service that is delivered solely over the broadband network. They had planned to switch off the analogue network in December 2025. They now say that they “underestimated the disruptive impact the upgrade would have on some of our customers. With hindsight, we went too early. We recognise that we have more work to do on getting back-up solutions in place when things disrupt the service like storms and power cuts. We got this part of the programme wrong and we are sorry”. See here  for full details. This link may also be of help.

The Parish Council has been calling for such a re-think for some time and we are glad that this has happened. However, BT were trialling the system in two places, one of which was Salisbury – which included customers in Brixton Deverill, who have already been switched over. We have asked for clarity of their situation in the light of this pause in the programme, particularly in the event of a power cut. We are also pressing government and providers for a workable mobile network, which this development will call for.